Major supply contract for Rare to Bakubung Platinum Mine

RWT Plant in action
April 21, 2016
Debswana DCC installation
April 21, 2016

Major supply contract for Rare to Bakubung Platinum Mine

Rare’s trading division completed a contract to supply high pressure piping at Bakubung Platinum Mine for the mine service water, mine return water and slurry lines.

Bakubung pipesThe mine shaft is 8.5m in diameter, and at present the shaft extends almost 900m below ground.

Rare was contracted to supply 350NB in schedules 60 to 120 for the water return lines, 250NB in schedules 20 to 60 for the mine service water line, and 150NB in schedules 40 to 80 for the slurry lines.

The company also supplied all the high pressure couplings for the 350NB and 250NB pipes, as well as the high pressure clamps for the 150 NB lines. Part of the scope of work included the fabrication of fittings. All pipes and fittings had to have additional fabrication work done for the support brackets, and all items were galvanized.

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